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radio programs

Gioia Timpanelli is an award winning author and storyteller who has toured and performed all over the US.  Her programs are regularly broadcast on many NPR stations.

Told & Retold Winter ExcerptGioia Timpanelli
00:00 / 10:47
GiufaGioia Timpanelli
00:00 / 05:00
The East Indian Bird StoryGioia Timpanelli
00:00 / 05:00

Documentary Audio

Documentary- The Real Jesus of Nazareth narrated by Judd Hirsch. Recorded by Bruce Berky using Source Connect networking software.

audio books

I have recorded, edited, QC'd, and mastered over 25 audio books. Most of them, I produced for Pearson Education located in Upper Saddle Brook, New Jersey.  

Examples of Audiobook Titles - audio available upon request

Mastering the World Psychology.jpg
Anatomy & Physiology.jpg
Society audiobook.jpg

Tel: 845-399-6744

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